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Conference Committee Representatives

Conference Committee Representatives Mission Support (2018) – Juanita Bradley Justice Witness (2018) – Rev. Marilyn Pagán-Banks Nominating (2017) – Ms. Sheryl Magee LEEAP (2018) – Ms. Sammie Dortch Annual Celebration Planning Comm. (2018) – Rev. Thom Parrot-Sheffer Co-Opted Members (Voice without vote) Community Renewal Society – Rev. Dr. Curtiss DeYoung IL Conference of Churches – … Continue reading “Conference Committee Representatives”

First Congregational Church of Naperville

25 E. Benton Ave. Naperville, IL 60540 phone: 630-355-1024 email: churchoffice@loveandjustice.org Pastor Mark Winters www.loveandjustice.org